Looking for great jazz music for ballet class?

Look no more. My name is Søren Bebe and I’m an internationally touring jazz pianist and composer. I’m also a composer of music for ballet classes and a former freelance accompanist for ballet classes.

From 2006 to 2016, I worked at different places in the Copenhagen area in Denmark. These included The Royal Danish Ballet, The Royal Danish Ballet School, The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Danish Dance Theatre, Dansehallerne and The Pantomime Theatre in Tivoli.

In 2013, I released my first album of original piano music for ballet classes called Music for Ballet & Contemporary Classes and, a couple of years later, I started my YouTube channel Ballet Music DK.

I have always loved incorporating jazz music into ballet class and mixing it up with traditional repertoire, as well as my own songs and improvisations. I’ve also found that different jazz songs and styles work really well for different ballet class exercises, whether it’s a slow swing tune for tendus or a quick ragtime for the allegros. And – so they tell me – most of the ballet teachers I’ve been working with over the years have also loved the refreshing jazz twist.

I recently started recording and releasing some of my favourite jazz pieces, along with many of the tunes I used to play in class. And the response I’ve been getting, especially on my YouTube channel, has been overwhelming. So now it’s on my weekly schedule to produce and release new great jazz songs for ballet class every week.

You can find some of my jazz songs on these albums:

Every time I release a new song I will also put it on my playlists on Apple Music and Spotify. So make sure to follow/like to get notified.