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 “Music For Ballet Class” Volumes 1-3
Sheet Music at 25% Off!

"Music For Ballet Class" Volumes 1-3 Special Sheet Music Bundle (PDF download)

Sheet Music for Ballet’s Foundational Tunes: Volumes 1-3

Discover the Blueprint of Ballet’s Melodies.  A total of 85 different pieces or 231 pages of inspiring piano sheet music for ballet class!

For those who not only wish to dance to the music but also to understand its intricate tapestry, presenting the sheet music for Volumes 1, 2, and 3 of Søren Bebe’s iconic ballet compositions.

Why This Collection is Essential:

  • Detailed Interpretation: Every note, every chord, meticulously transcribed to capture the essence of Søren Bebe’s compositions.
  • Teaching Tool: An invaluable resource for instructors aiming to delve deeper into the synergy between movement and music.
  • Perfect for Pianists: Whether you’re accompanying a class or performing solo, bring Bebe’s masterpieces to life with your touch.
  • Comprehensive Bundle: Get the complete sheet music for three volumes in one package, ensuring you have the full spectrum of Bebe’s early works.

Master the art of ballet music, from its core notation to its expressive performance. Add this foundational sheet music to your collection today.