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Music for Ballet Class Vol.3 - by Søren Bebe (CD + mp3 download)

+ free digital mp3 album download

Music for Ballet Class is like sunshine to a rainy day. It has reenergized my class and students. No more humdrum here we go again. Brilliantly refreshing!!

Compact Disc (CD) in a jewel case + a digital download of the album.
Only interested in the digital mp3 download version go HERE

Sheet music available HERE

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Music for Ballet Class, Vol.4 by Søren Bebe (CD + mp3 download)

+ free mp3 album download

Compact Disc (CD) in a beautiful digifile case + a digital album download (high quality mp3).
Only interested in the digital mp3 download version go HERE

Sheet music is available HERE

I love this CD, the music is absolutely beautiful. Especially the 2. song (music for plié) as soon as it starts, everybody (no matter what age) seems to relax and totally arrives in class – I love this moment :-). All the music is wonderful, even if I normally don’t like the jazzy stuff – here it fits perfect. Thank you Sören 🙂


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