"Music for Ballet Class – Sammatti Dance Vol.1" by Martin Åkerwall


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Composed, arranged and played by MARTIN ÅKERWALL
Construction of the class and the order of the exercises created by ERIC VIUDES

Sound by Asko Kuusisto.
Recorded in Helsinki 2006.
Produced by Eric Viudes, Dinna Bjørn, Anita Remitz & Sakari Reitamo

Originally released by Sammatti Records in 2006
Re-released by Ballet Music DK in 2018

All music is composed and arranged for class use by MARTIN ÅKERWALL. The construction of the class and the order of the exercises is created by ERIC VIUDES. Each exercise starts with a 4-count preparation (introduction). For the barre exercises the music is generally repeated (for the second side) and it is marked by each track, whether it is in immediate continuation, with four measures in between or with a pause in between and a new introduction. For the center each exercise is also repeated (for the second group) and again it is marked, whether it is in immediate continuation, with four measures in between, or with a pause in between and a new introduction.


Music director, pianist, and composer. He has studied piano, and composition in the Royal Danish Conservatory, and the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. He has worked as a music director, and a ballet pianist in Finland, Germany, Switzerland and United States.

From 1996 to 2003 he worked as a pianist at the Royal Danish Ballet. In 2000 he made his debut as director of the orchestra.

Martin Åkerwall has composed music for mediation, one concert for violincello and two for pianos. His music has been played in Denmark, in France, in the United Kingdom, in Finland and in Argentina. He has received the Jacob Gades and Noilly Prat Prizes.


Trained in Paris under the distinguished teacher, Yves Brieux

Dancer with Ballet dy Rhin and soloist with The Norwegian Ballet

Created the role of Edvard Grieg in Sølvi Edvarsen’s ‘Grieg a Jour’ in 1994

Danced the Principal role of Vaslav Nijinsky in the Norwegian Television production of Ulf Gadd’s ‘Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes’ in 1996

Recipient of France’s prestigious State Diploma for Ballet Teaching and scholarships to study with the National Ballet of Canada, the Hamburg Ballet School and the Bournonville Summer Academy in Copenhagen

Given master classes in Boston, Montevideo Tbilisi, Copenhagen and Amsterdam

As a member of the Bournonville Academy Faculty, staged all six complete Bournonville classes in Biarritz 2009-2014


Sammatti is a small village located in beautiful countryside in Southern Finland about an hour drive from Helsinki. More than 150 years ago Elias Lönnrot, physician, author and first professor in Finnish Literature travelled by horse carriage or skis to Eastern Carelia to collect the material for Kalevala, our National epos which has had a vast influence until modern times, reflected for example in Tolkiens Lord of the Rings. The heros og Kalevala such as Wäinämöinen and Lemminkäinen, were warriors, poets and musicians. These skills were needed to succeed in their objectives, whether the goal was to conquer the other warriors or win the heart of Aino, the prototype og the beautiful, innocent maiden og Kalevala.
Despite being a widely celebrated person, Lönnrot spent most of his time in his beloved Sammatti. His grave is in the idyllic graveyard of the old wood church. The traditional Sampo Festival gives homage to the man, who came from a simple background to become a dominating cultural figure in Finland in a struggle which finally lead to its independence.


As it is difficult to leave the beautiful Sammatti in summer we combined cottage life with dance in old community houses reborn as dance studios. Sammatti Dance Camp was started us and the Helsinki Dance Institute in 2000 to teach mainly Ballet to enthusiastic amateurs.
We wanted to combine an intensive training course with a good final performance.
This was done together with dancers mainly from the Finnish National Ballet. Teachers of the course currently include professor Eric Viudes and Donna Bjørn (director of the Finnish National Ballet).
Previous courses included the pioneering work og Jane Spackman, and Maija Hänninen, both previously affiliated with the Finnish National Ballet. Since 2000 the Sammatti Dance Camp has been an annual event, always around the end og July/beginning of August.

1. Introduction – preparatory exercise 1
2. Face à la barre – preparatory exercise 2
3. Plié 1
4. Plié 2
5. Battement tendu
6. Battement tendu with plié
7. Battement tendu with Plié (faster tempo)
8. Battement jeté with battement cloche
9. Battement jeté suivi
10. Battement jeté suivi (faster tempo)
11. Battement jeté and battement levé
12. Battement special
13. Battement tendu or jeté with soutenu
14. Rond de jambe á terre with port de bras
15. Fondu with balance
16. Fondu, in a faster version with balance
17. Rond de jambe en l’air
18. Frappé
19. Frappé, in a faster version
20. Adagio
21. Petit battement sur le-cou-de-pied
22. Grand battement in 3
23. Grand battement in 2
24. Jambe á la barre

25. Port de bras
26. Temps lié or tendu
27. Tendu degagé or fondu, slow and fast
28. Adagio with pirouettes
29. Pirouettes from fifth position
30. Pirouette combination 1
31. Pirouette combination 2
32. Petits sauts
33. Petit allegro for ladies
34. Petit allegro for men
35. Petit allegro, slow and fast
36. Petit allegro in quick version
37. Sisonne
38. Grand waltz
39. Grand waltz in a slower version
40. Batterie
41. Tour en l’air for men
42. Entrechat six
43. Piqué en diagonal (Coda)
44. Fouetté
45. Port de bras et reverence
46. Fantasie

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