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3 days ago

Rob Hefferan is a true free spirit from the outset. Desperate to pursue a career met with dismay round every corner, with the exception of his art teacher, recognizing that their child drawings of the dinosaurs were something special! Rob is always in search of new styles and techniques dissection, and his work grows and changes which absorbs a wide variety of influences. His latest works are beautifully composed figurative representations of a day for meetings and conversations. Each image is a fascinating mixture of intricate detail level with broader brush strokes used to create an atmosphere low back. They have been received with great success in the art market, confirming its position as one of the most exciting rising stars on the contemporary art scene .Ignoring the advice of their elders, he gained a place at university to study for a degree in illustration, but after a year he began to feel constrained by the limitations of the course, and decided to go it alone. Rob spent a year difficult to build a portfolio, and then suggested finding a job using their skills to design in order to finance his dream of being an artist. Its exceptional versatility as an illustrator and designer, he won a number of major contracts, ranging from advertising campaigns at a high level to provide the work of children's books, and soon found himself in the position of satisfaction of doing a lot of money to do something that I really enjoyed. However, he never allowed his considerable success to divert him from his initial goal of becoming a full-time artist, and continued to spend much of his spare time painting. ...

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Colors of the Wind - from Disney's "Pocahontas" - Piano version for an a... via @YouTube

Embraceable You (Plié with Port de Bras) - Jazz Music for Ballet - the Songs of George Gershwin: via @YouTube

Fondu - Arabian Nights (from Disney's "Aladdin") (mp3 single track) via @balletmusicdk

Jeg kunne lide en video på @YouTube Arabian Nights - from Disney's "Aladdin" - Piano version for a fondu

Slow Tendu - Mad World (Tears For Fears/Gary Jules) via @balletmusicdk

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