Music for Ballet Class Vol.2 by Søren Bebe

25 original solo piano pieces for ballet class by jazz pianist Søren Bebe.
Includes complete booklet with tracklist.

Søren Bebe is one of the leading pianists and composers on the European scene of jazz and contemporary music. Born in Odense, Denmark, the city of the great poet Hans Christian Andersen, on December 5th, 1975.

Søren Bebe is also running the YouTube Channel BalletMusicDK where he regularly uploads his own music for ballet classes – originals as well as cover versions of jazz and pop hits.

In 2004 Søren graduated from the Royal Danish Conservatory in Aarhus, Denmark, with an Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Music.
Søren Bebe has released several jazz records as a leader and even more as a sideman. For a full discography please visit

Søren’s busy touring schedule has included most of Europe, as well as the US, China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Brazil and Morocco. Along the way, he’s performed at international jazz festivals like Hong Kong, London, Jarasum (in Korea) and SXSW (South By Southwest) in Austin, Texas.
For upcoming concerts please visit

As a composer Søren has written mostly for own groups and projects but also commissioned work for theaters and choreographers as well as a large piece for the National Gallery of Denmark.
Søren Bebe has received several working grants among others from the Danish Arts Council.

As a freelance accompanist for dance Søren has worked among other places at The Royal Danish Ballet, The Royal Danish Ballet School, The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Dansehallerne and The Pantomime Theatre in Tivoli.

Album Review

"This music is amazing!!!! I always warmup to it before a special performance or I just listen to it to calm myself down! Thank you Balletmusic DK!"

"This is so nice music to help me get into pointe next year, thank you!!"

"Your Music Is Awesome!! It goes perfectly with my dances!"

"I like this music so much.  So beautiful, so touching!!! Thanks a lot!"

"Perfect and very beautiful"
/Santa Vera

"The music is great for practicing at home during our 2 week break. Thank you (that goes for all of your music)"

"Just the bests songs for classic lesson I ever heard ! Love using it for my students ! Thanks a lot to you it's a pleasure to hear these songs it is really inspiring"

"Perfect for practicing at home with ???"

"Your music is brilliant and the tempos are perfect for class. Thank you so much for this resource!"

"I really like all the musical work you do. You really inspire me! And you make me create some ballet classes that are much enjoyed. Greetings from Mexico"
- Various reviews from my YouTube channel BalletMusicDK