"Piano Music for Ballet & Choreography" by Søren Bebe

Piano Music for Ballet & Choreography by Søren Bebe digital download

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‘Piano Music for Ballet and Choreography’ is a collection of 14 beautiful and inspiring piano songs composed and played by Søren Bebe during the last 5 years. All titles except track 14 has been released previously as single downloads and on streaming services only, but are now finally available on one full digital album and on CD.

All music composed, arranged and played by Søren Bebe.

Track list:

1) Above Us Only Sky 2:27
2) Adagio 2:27
3) Waltz for Irene 2:08
4) A Song for You 6:43
5) Behind Mountains 2:59
6) Slow Tendu 2:04
7) Adagio in E-Flat 2:35
8) Fields of Gold 2:31
9) Slow Adagio 2:11
10) Waltz for Charlotte 1:39
11) A New Beginning 2:35
12) Waltz for Dreamers 2:06
13) Plié 1:55
14) Time to say Goodbye 2:18

All songs composed and played by Søren Bebe

Many of these songs are re-works of compositions already recorded on Søren’s many ballet class albums, but this time in more freely interpreted or longer versions, especially suited for longer exercises or choreographies.

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