Jazz Music for Ballet Class – the Songs of George Gershwin

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Arranged & played by Søren Bebe (piano), Anders Mogensen (drums) & Kasper Tagel (bass)
Class devised by Allan Nielsen

On May 18 our new ballet class album “Jazz Music for Ballet Class – the Songs of George Gershwin” will be released to all major streaming and download platforms including Spotify, Amazon and iTunes.

But already now it’s possible to buy the CD as well as just a digital mp3 download of the album here on this site. See links below the album cover.
The CD comes with FREE shipping worldwide + a digital mp3 download of the album.

The album covers a full ballet class and all themes are by the wonderful composer George Gershwin. This time however, as well as the piano it features a drummer and a bass player on all tracks! Have you ever heard a ballet class album like this before?

The musicians playing on this album are top of the top, world class, and world touring jazz musicians and it’s our dream that this unusual (for a ballet class album) orchestration will bring a burst of energy, creativity and joy into your ballet studio, or home, or wherever you’ll be listening to this music. We certainly had a lot of fun creating it for you!

Embraceable You (Plié with Port de Bras) 
32 + 16 counts and repeated
They Can’t Take That Away From Me (Tendu) 
64 + 8 counts and repeated
Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off (Jeté Ballonné)
 64 counts
Oh, Lady Be Good (Jeté )
 128 counts
Oh, Lady Be Good (Jeté, with a few breaks)
 128 counts
Oh, Lady Be Good (Jeté, with a rhythmic challenge) 
64 counts
Someone To Watch Over Me (Rond de Jambe/Adagio)
 64 counts
A Foggy Day (Fondu) 
64 + 8 counts and repeated
’S Wonderful (Frappé) 
64 + 16 counts and repeated
Nice Work If You Can Get It (Grand Battement) 
64 counts

Summertime (Tendu) 128 + 16 + 128 counts
I Loves You Porgy (Adagio) 
128 + 16 + 128 counts
It Ain’t Necessarily So (Pirouettes – waltz)
 184 counts
Who Cares (Petit Allegro)
 256 counts
I Got Rhythm (Medium Allegro)
 256 counts
Our Love is Here to Stay (Grand Allegro)
 256 counts
The Man I Love (Coda) 384 counts
How Long Has This Been Going On (Reverence)
 64 counts