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How to make a scrolling score video

After having spent hours and hours researching how to make a scrolling score video I finally found a solution that works for me.

So i thought I would share it if anyone else was in the same situation as me.

I have made my scores in Sibelius 6 and the music is recorded on albums and not recorded with a metronome.

So just recording the screen as Sibelius plays back my score wasn’t a possibility. Also I prefer the score playing without the red or green marker pointing out which notes are being played.

This is what I ended up with :

The solution I found is actually quite simple but does require some work.

Here’s my process:

  1. Export your score from Sibelius using “export” and choose TIFF format, which I find is the best resolution for my purpose.
  2. Open your preferred image editing software, I use Pixelmator which is pretty cheap and works great!
  3. Make a new document and set the canvas size to h: 720 w: 2000 (the final video will be in 1280×720)
  4. Drag your first sheet music page into your new document and adjust the width of the canvas AND the size of your score so only the first line of music is visible. NEVER change the height, it has to stay 720.
  5. Export your “photo” in TIFF and name it “1” and put it in a new folder named “the name of your piece”
  6. Repeat the proces until your whole score is “sliced up” in pictures named 1,2,3 etc. Notice it doesn’t matter if some of the slices have different widths but the height has to stay the same: 720 pixels. In my case the first slice is shorter than the rest, since I want the title to fit in there as well, in which case i had to make the original tiff a little smaller to make it all fit.
  7. Open your favorite video editing software. I use Final Cut Pro X which is AMAZING!
  8. Create a new video size 1280 x 720 and remember to set the audio to match your mp3. Usually 44,1 kHz.
  9. Take all your score slices and drag them into Final Cut Pro X. Also drag your audio file in there and make sure it’s attached to the first jpeg.
  10. Play the video from the beginning and adjust all your score slices so they fit with your music.
  11. Click on the first picture/score slice and choose “crop” and the “ken burns” and then place the green rectangle on the first part of your stave and the red rectangle on the last part of your stave in the score. This will make the video go from left to right as the music plays.
  12. Repeat step 11 for all your pictures or try this: set the effect on one clip and save it (cmd-C). Select the remaining clips and choose Edit>Paste Effects (or alt-cmd-V).
  13. Share your video on YouTube
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