Pure Piano Vol.1 + Vol.2 – Piano Music for Relaxation

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Upon several requests I have just released two new compilation albums of piano music for relaxation, called Pure Piano Vol.1 and Pure Piano Vol.2.

I have picked out my most quiet, peaceful and minimalistic piano pieces from my first 4 albums of music for ballet class and compiled them into these two new albums.

I know that a lot of you listening to my music are not dancers or dance teachers but are liking the more contemplative and soothing pieces from the albums, like the pliés, adagios and port de bras, and using it for relaxation, reading or meditation.

So to make it easier for you to find the songs that work especially well for this I have compiled 37 of my most peaceful and relaxing piano pieces and put them on these two albums.
Hope you will enjoy them.

Click on the players below to stream or buy the music on your favorite platform.

Or follow these links:

Pure Piano Vol.1

Pure Piano Vol.2