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Save 25% on this bundle of inspiring original ballet class music!

In other words, one album is completely FREE, when you get this package of internationally acclaimed ballet class music by pianist and composer Søren Bebe.

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Music for Ballet Class, vol.4 by Søren Bebe (mp3 download)

— digital mp3 album only —

Interested in the physical CD ( mp3 download) go HERE

This is just delicious!! Ive mixed all your albums into different classes and my kids LOVE them!

Sheet music available HERE

The album is contained in a zip-folder and will open on all computers and most android devices. Please notice that iPhones and iPads don’t allow downloading of music outside the iTunes store. For more information on zip-files please do a search for “how to unzip music files” or see this tutorial from Bandcamp.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ As an ex-dancer/teacher I've recently returned to teaching a class of over 50s ballet. I have other music designed for class, but this is by far the best! Soren really gets ballet class like no one else I've found online. The pieces are perfectly structured for barre and centre work with a clear 4 count preparation on each track. You'd think that would be obvious for anyone making music for ballet class but believe me it isn't! Thank you, Soren, for the beautiful music! - Stephanie Tenneson


Music for Ballet Class, Vol.5 by Søren Bebe (mp3 download)

— digital download album only —

Available immediately after purchase as mp3 download!

New Favorite! Never stop composing such beautiful music for us to dance to.


CD version available HERE!

Listen to a few songs below.


Music for Ballet Class, Vol.6 by Søren Bebe (mp3 download)

— digital download album only. Available immediately after purchase as mp3 download! —

The NEW album, Music for Ballet Class, Vol.6, from Søren Bebe is here!
32 fresh and inspiring new piano pieces for ballet class composed and performed by Søren Bebe.
Recorded on a Steinway D grand piano and produced by some of the finest technicians in Denmark.

Interested in the physical CD version or the piano score? (also includes the mp3 album download) Click HERE!

See the complete song list and listen to a few songs below.


Music for Ballet Class Vol.7 by Søren Bebe (mp3 download)

A brand new inspiring ballet class album from Søren Bebe with music composed especially for ballet class exercises!

24 songs total – refreshing and uplifting music for a full ballet class.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Beautifully done it again! Love the Ron de Jamb music!

Class created by ballet teacher and dancer, Allan Nielsen.

Music composed and arranged by Søren Bebe.

— digital download album only —

For CD version or Sheet Music Click HERE!

Available immediately after purchase in mp3 format.

Scroll down to see and hear the complete song list.

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These mp3 albums are available as download immediately after purchase.
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