ALLEGRO IN 4/4 | Ballet Class Sheet Music | From “Music for Ballet Class, Vol.6” by Søren Bebe (PDF)

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A super fun to play, ragtime inspired piece for medium allegros, assembles or similar ballet exercises depending on the interpretation of the arrangement.
For instance the eight notes are played straight but you could easily lower the tempo and play them as swing eight notes with a strong accent on 2 and 4 for a fun grand battement exercise at the barre or in the center.

Works great in different tempos and on the album (below) it’s recorded in a slow and a fast version.
The length of this allegro is 8 x 8 counts or 32 bars with a clear 2 bar introduction.

Released on the album “Music for Ballet Class, Vol.6” by Søren Bebe from 2021.

Listen to the recording further down the page.

2 pages of PDF sheet music available as download immediately after purchase and via email (obs. No physical scores)

Also available as part of the complete Vol.6 sheet music collection (29 pieces/83 pages) Click HERE to view and save 58% compared to buying single pieces)

Looking for more allegro piano sheet music for ballet class?

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