Fondu – Arabian Nights (from Disney’s “Aladdin”) (mp3 single download)


Here’s “Arabian Nights” from Disney’s “Aladdin” in a fun and inspiring tango piano version for ballet class.
I cut one bar before the chorus to make it square and I also gave it a little tango feel so it should work great for a fondu ballet exercise. It’s 64 counts long.

The song is also available as part of  THIS COLLECTION (click to preview) of famous pop & jazz hits for ballet class! (SAVE 50%!)

You can listen to my version below.

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Jazz Songs for Ballet Class & Tap Dance (mp3 download)

--- digital mp3 album only ---

25 ( + 6 bonus tracks) famous jazz songs arranged and played by Søren Bebe.
Songs like Fly Me to the Moon, What a Wonderful World, Mack the Knife, My Favorite Things and many more.

All songs on this album are equally suitable for both ballet class exercises as well as tap dance lessons. All songs begin with a short introduction.
Possible ballet class exercises are suggested in parenthesis after the song title and the songs are ordered on the album from slow to fast tempos.

This is one of many albums by this artist that really changed my classes from same old same old! My students show more interest, my mind has opened up to new choreography! Truly brilliant! I love it!

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