Slow Grand Battement – Ballet class sheet music – from “Music for Ballet Class, Vol.1” by Søren Bebe

3.74 US$

Piano sheet music for the song “Grand Battement (slower)” from “Music for Ballet Class Vol.1” by Søren Bebe.

Contains 2 pages of printable digital sheet music in a single pdf file.

Also available as part of the complete album 28 pieces/73 pages HERE (save 46%)

You can listen to the song below.

Frequently Bought Together!

Complete Sheet Music for "Music for Ballet Class Vol​.​1" by Søren Bebe (30 pieces​/​80 pages - PDF download)

30 different pieces or a total of 80 pages of original sheet music for ballet class (Barre + Center) for 2 hands with chord symbols from the album "Music for Ballet Class, vol.1" by Søren Bebe

Fun and accessible music. The ballet students really respond well to live accompaniment, and this music makes it fun for the pianist to play. Perfectly timed for standard ballet forms.

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