Music for Ballet Class Vol.1 by Søren Bebe (CD)

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Music for Ballet Class Vol.1 by Søren Bebe

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5 out of 5 stars on Amazon Highest Reccommendstion Just Beautiful
“Soren Is a wonderful artist. This music for ballet class has been created with great care and artistry.
Even though this was made for ballet classes it is beautiful music which can be enjoyed just to listen to. I have never danced ballet but can tell you I love this music. It is very beautiful and calming to listen to.
I highly recommend this lovely music. I put it on while I am doing things around the house or simply while writing on my computer or cooking. Highly enjoyable with beautiful compositions and playing.”

5 out of 5 stars on Amazon I love it!
“I love it!! I am a college student dancer and we don’t have ballet in the summer so I figured why not download some ballet music and practice and review my plies, tendus, degages, Ron de Jambes etc! His CDs are perfect if you want to practices and refine every detail in ballet!! Not only this cd I recommend all of his contemporary, ballet, jazz etc!!”

5 out of 5 stars on Amazon Brought back ballet class memories!
“I found Bebe’s music while browsing for some new ballet tutorials on YouTube. I have used his music to create my own playlist to play over my ballet workouts and diversify them – and all I can say is that his music brings me right back to that large ballet classroom full of mirrors and bars, wheren I used to dance with 10 or 20 other girls – I don’t even feel I’m doing the exercises at home, by myself!”

5 out of 5 stars on Amazon Graceful and Elegant
“I’m not a ballet dancer but I love great piano music. As a fan of Tord Gustavsen and Oscar Petersen I was delighted to discover the music of Soren Bebe. He has a rare grasp of elegant melodic structure. This is music to soothe, charm and create a warm relaxed atmosphere. Whether you’re planning an intimate evening or simply want to enjoy your own quiet company this comes highly recommended.”

5 out of 5 stars on Amazon All dancers and non must have Soren’s music!
“I feel inspired by Soren Bebe’s music. It makes my work easier when I prepare ballet classes for my students because it has the correct tempo for each exercise ( not too slow, not too fast ), it is easy to count especially for children and the melody is uplifting, empowering and brings out the expression in each dancer, what every the level !!! Great :)”

5 out of 5 stars on Amazon Love this CD
“Love this CD. Teaching class with classical music 6 days a week can become sometimes boring. I like the jazz contemporary music it inspires you to be a little more creative. I also like the fact that some tempos are slower for my beginner and intermediate classes and quicker for the advance. I will be watching more from this composer.”

3 reviews for Music for Ballet Class Vol.1 by Søren Bebe (CD)

  1. Tami, Ballet for adults

    Wonderful and usful music for Ballet class! Love his brilliant playing, the rhythms work perfectly for me and students love it

  2. Dominique (Canada)

    I have all three Music for Ballet Class albums as well as Music for Ballet and Contemporary. I just love Soren’s music, and I have received many favorable comments from students who also appreciate dancing to his artistry. Thank you Soren and keep them coming! 🙂

  3. En Pointe Fitness

    Beautiful and versatile!
    I absolutely love this music – it’s perfect for ballet class and for teaching PBT. Thank you Soren for creating this beautiful product 🙂

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