How To Tap Dance for Advanced Beginners – a Video Course with BILL SIMPSON


The Just TAP ‘ADVANCED BEGINNER’ course picks up right where the acclaimed ‘ABSOLUTE BEGINNER’ course left off, and is packed full of the most important, useful and commonly-used steps and combinations that will help you reach an entirely new level of tap dance ability, confidence and happiness.

Created by award-winning teacher, performer and choreographer BILL SIMPSON, the course will complete your ‘Beginner Tap Toolbox’, paving the way for proficient intermediate and advanced level tap dancing. 

“I am so grateful to have had the chance to do the Just TAP ‘Advanced Beginner’ course, and am thrilled that I have come so far with my learning. I feel a great sense of achievement.” 
– Hilary Dennison, Age 58.

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Course Features:

– 4 x Course Instructional Videos (2 hours of high-quality content)


– Multiple Angles

– Multiple Speeds

– Unparalleled attention to detail

– Clear course structure & flow

– Relevant for all styles of tap throughout the world

– Common terminology alternate names included

– Download and/or Stream

– Lifetime Access & Updates

– 365 day Money Back Guarantee

“I’ve wanted to start my tap journey for a couple of years now, and because of Just Tap, I’ve had the chance to really discover tap dance, and have so much fun with it. The course is definitely worth the time and investment.” 
– Jeremy Cox, Age 25.

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