Music for Ballet Class – Songs from the 1940s (mp3 download)

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30 of the Greatest Hits from the 1940s in one ballet class album!

Music for a full ballet class (barre + center) with all the greatest hits from the 40s era like “We’ll Meet Again”, “Lover Man” and “But Beautiful”.
Arranged and played by one of the best jazz and ballet class pianists out there!

See a complete track list and hear examples from the album below.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Not just for ballet class! Delightful music for any time after class as well. 🙂

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Jazz Songs for Ballet Class & Tap Dance (mp3 download)

--- digital mp3 album only ---

25 ( + 6 bonus tracks) famous jazz songs arranged and played by Søren Bebe.
Songs like Fly Me to the Moon, What a Wonderful World, Mack the Knife, My Favorite Things and many more.

All songs on this album are equally suitable for both ballet class exercises as well as tap dance lessons. All songs begin with a short introduction.
Possible ballet class exercises are suggested in parenthesis after the song title and the songs are ordered on the album from slow to fast tempos.

This is one of many albums by this artist that really changed my classes from same old same old! My students show more interest, my mind has opened up to new choreography! Truly brilliant! I love it!

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The album consists of 30 of the greatest hits that became famous in the 1940s – mostly tunes considered “jazz standards” today.

This is a downloadable digital album, identical to the version on iTunes/Amazon, but at a discounted price!
(Well actually this mp3 version is of a higher quality than iTunes as it’s 320 kbps…)

You can download it immediately after purchase, unzip and drag it to your computer’s iTunes or media library for synchronization with your phone or tablet.

Track list:

Barre exercises

1 Come Sunday (Warm up), 4/4, 128 counts, 2:52 (Duke Ellington)
2 But Beautiful (Plié), 4/4, 128 counts, 3:16 (Jimmy Van Heusen)
3 Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?) (Tendu), 4/4, 64 counts, 1:50 (Jimmy Davis)
4 Paper Doll (Tendu), 4/4, 64 counts, 1:36 (Johnny S. Black)
5 Don’t Get Around Much Anymore (Tendu), 4/4, 128 counts, 2:08 (Duke Ellington)
6 I’m Beginning to See the Light (Jeté), 4/4, 64 counts, 0:55 (Duke Ellington, Johnny Hodges, Harry James)
7 Groovin’ High (Jeté), 4/4, 64 counts, 0:46 (Dizzy Gillespie)
8 Take Five (Jeté in 5/4), 5/4, 32 counts, 1:13 (Paul Desmond)
9 In a Sentimental Mood (Rond de jambe à terre), 3/4, 64 counts, 2:08 (Duke Ellington)
10 Nature Boy (Fondu), 4/4 tango, 128 counts, 2:35 (Eden Ahbez)
11 Tuxedo Junction (Frappé), 4/4, 64 counts, 0:48 (Erskine Hawkins, Bill Johnson, Julian Dash)
12 Four Brothers (Frappé), 4/4, 64 counts, 0:52 (Jimmy Giuffre)
13 God Bless the Child (Rond de jambe en l’air with port de bras), 3/4, 64 + 16 + 64 + 16 counts, 3:42 (Billie Holiday, Arthur Herzog Jr.)
14 Brazil (Aquarela do Brasil) (Petit battement), 4/4, 64 counts, 1:10 (Ary Barroso)
15 (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons (Adagio), 4/4, 128 counts, 3:09 (William “Pat” Best)
16 Take the “A” Train (Grand battement), 4/4, 64 counts, 1:09 (Billy Strayhorn)

Center exercises

17 We’ll Meet Again (Tendu), 4/4, 256 counts, 4:05 (Ross Parker, Hughie Charles)
18 When You Wish Upon a Star (Adagio), 4/4, 128 counts, 3:18 (Leigh Harline)
19 People Will Say We’re in Love (from “Oklahoma”) (Pirouettes – Waltz), 3/4, 192 counts, 3:20 (Richard Rodgers)
20 Bésame Mucho (Pirouettes – Tango), 4/4, 160 counts, 3:13 (Consuelo Velázquez)
21 How High the Moon (Small jumps), 2/4, 128 counts, 1:18 (Morgan Lewis)
22 How High the Moon (Small jumps), 6/8, 128 counts, 1:18 (Morgan Lewis)
23 You’re Nobody till Somebody Loves You (Small jumps), 2/4, 256 counts, 2:20 (Russ Morgan, Larry Stock, James Cavanaugh)
24 Donna Lee (Allegro), 4/4, 128 counts, 1:34 (Charlie Parker)
25 You Are My Sunshine (Allegro), 4/4, 128 counts, 1:53 (Jimmie Davis, Charles Mitchell)
26 I Could Write a Book (Allegro), 4/4, 128 counts, 1:01 (Richard Rodgers)
27 No Moon (Young Love) (Allegro), 4/4, 128 counts, 1:38 (Erroll Garner)
28 You’ll Never Walk Alone (Grand allegro), 3/4, 160 counts, 2:52 (Richard Rodgers)
29 Amor (Coda), 4/4, 128 counts, 2:15 (Gabriel Ruiz)
30 As Time Goes By (Reverence), 4/4, 64 counts, 2:17 (Herman Hupfeld)

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Music for Ballet Class – Songs from the 1940s (mp3 download)

  1. Susan Fourtané

    Not just for ballet class! Delightful music for any time after class as well. 🙂

  2. Dianne Evans

    Found by accident but absolutely love as do my tappers


    As always, so beautiful and, in many ways, an unexpected delight; I do tend to lean towards the jazzier presentations, but beauty is beauty – and this is quite beautiful – bravo!

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