‘Music For Ballet Class’ by Søren Bebe (CD + mp3 download)

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The first ballet class CD by Søren Bebe has been streamed more than 40 million times and comes in a beautifully designed cardboard digifile case and includes a free digital mp3 album download of the entire album.

Sheet music available HERE

The CD contains music for a full ballet class – 28 original piano pieces specially crafted for ballet barre and center work and preached by dancers and teachers worldwide.

This album was originally released in 2013 as CD1 of the 2-CD album “Music for Ballet & Contemporary Classes”.

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Composed, arranged and played by

Construction of class created by

Listen to the album here:

Finally a CD that fills in the ballet lessons strict form, in a inspiring and floating manner.

Pianist and composer, Søren Bebe, has worked with dancer and teacher, Allan Nielsen, for several years.
It has been a great mutual desire to put together this CD.
The music on this CD can be used for all class levels.

Music for Ballet Class

1. Introduction. Preparatory exercise
4/4 . 32 measures. Time: 2:00

2 . Plié
3/4 . 64 measures. Time:2:22

3. Plié
3/4 . 64 measures. Time:2:09

4 . Plié (long version )
3/4 . 64 measures 8 extra,
repeated without stop a tiny faster. Time:4:17

5 . Tendu
4/4 . 64 measures. Time:2:42

6 . Tendu 6/8
6/8. 32 measures. Time:1.23

7 . Tendu (Fast)
4/4 . 64 measures. Time:1:32

8 . Jeté
4/4 . 32 measures. Time:1:11

9 . Jeté (Fast, with breaks)
4/4 . 64 measures. Time:1:10

10 . Rond de jambe a térre
3/4 . 64 measures 16 ekstra. Time:2:35

11 . Frappé
4/4 . 32 measures. Time:1:01

12 . Frappé (fast version).
4/4. 32 measures. Time:0:48

13 . Fondu
4/4 . 32 measures 16 extra. Time:2:02

14 . Adagio
3/4 . 64 measures. Time:2:17

15 . Grand Battement
3/4 . 32 measures. Time:0:45

16. Plié/Relevé exercise
4/4 . 32 measures. Time:0:42



17 . Adagio
3/4. 64 measures. Time:2:11

18. Tendu
4/4 . 64 measures. Time:1:37

19. Pirouette combination ( Tango)
4/4 . 64 measures. Time:2:47

20. Pirouette combination (Waltz)
3/4 . 160 measures. Time:4:00

21. Pirouette combination (Waltz)
3/4. 192 measures. Time:4:16

22 . Petits sauts
2/4 meter . 32 measures. Time:0:48

23 . Assemblé
4/4 . 32 measures. Time:1:00

24 . Assemblé ( faster version)
4/4 . 64 measures. Time: 1:35

25. Grand allegro (Sisonne men)
3/4. 32 measures. Time:1:08

26 . Grand allegro
3/4. 128 measures. Time:2:02

27 . Tour en l´air (men)
4/4. 32 measures. Time:1:16

28 . Reverence
6/8. 32 measures. Time:2:18

All music composed, arranged and played by Søren Bebe

Recorded at Studio B, Copenhagen, at a Shigeru Kawai SK6 Grand Piano

All music is mixed and mastered by John Fomsgaard at Karmacrew.


Allan Nielsen
Allan Nielsen was educated at the Royal Danish Ballet School in Copenhagen, Denmark, but has also trained at John Neumeiers Ballet School of the Hamburg Ballet in Germany.
Allan was employed as a principal dancer in Tivoli at the Pantomime Theater from 1984 to 2003.
At the moment Allan is pursuing a career as a character dancer working with the art of the Danish Commedia dell`arte, at the same place, Pantomime Theater. At the same time he is dedicating time to his work as a teacher of classical ballet.

Allan has taught at : Scanias Dance Theatre, Danish Dance Theatre, Pantomime Theatre.
He has ben employed 3 years at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and 4 years at the Royal Danish Theatre Ballet School as a teacher in ballet.
He is the co-owner of Christianshavns Ballet School, where he enjoys introducing children to the world of ballet. Allan is found of teaching all levels of ballet; regardless whether he is teaching children or pensioners, amateurs or professional. Allan seeks to give his pupils a sense of organic flow that allows everyone to experience dance as a union of music and movement.

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for ‘Music For Ballet Class’ by Søren Bebe (CD + mp3 download)

  1. Aaronfrisa

    Lovely music!

  2. Gianni Santucci (verified owner)

    I am used to Soren music from Spotify but getting in touch with him, makes me willing to support him much more. Great musician his ballet classes are full of nice music.

  3. Inês Jacques (verified owner)

    Soren balances really well function vs musicality. Very expressive and fresh! Congratulations for your work.

  4. Manuelle Fontesse (verified owner)

    On cherche toujours de nouvelles musiques très expressives pour nos exercices et petits enchainements pour notre danse proche de Duncan qui bien que naturelle demande des morceaux très “calibrés” et je plébiscite ce CD qui comporte de beaux morceaux dans un style à la fois jazzy et expressif . Bravo ! C’est une réussite.!

  5. Luc Lemay (verified owner)

    I just received my copy and, as usual, Soren’s music is full of emotions and transport me in another world, another planet. Completed with a more than great sourd and à very nice sleeve, it star in my cd player for many days if not many weeks.

  6. Tracy Erwin-Grabner (verified owner)

    Lovely, refreshing music for a full class with multiple tempo options for different combinations. As close as you can get to having a live pianist in class, but on cd (or download)….highly recommend!

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