Music for Tap Dance – original piano music for all tap levels (mp3 download)


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“Music for Tap Dance” is a compilation album from pianist and composer Søren Bebe.

The albums consists of 37 of the most energetic, rhythmic, swinging and jazzy songs derived from his four highly acclaimed albums with piano music for ballet classes: “Music for Ballet & Contemporary Classes” , “Music for Ballet Class Vol.1”, “Music for Ballet Class Vol.2” and “Music for Ballet Class Vol.3 – with a Jazz twist”.

All songs have been renamed for this release to better describe the style and tempo of each song and to avoid the use of classical ballet terms.

Listen to the songs below.

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Jazz Songs for Ballet Class & Tap Dance (mp3 download)

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25 ( + 6 bonus tracks) famous jazz songs arranged and played by Søren Bebe.
Songs like Fly Me to the Moon, What a Wonderful World, Mack the Knife, My Favorite Things and many more.

All songs on this album are equally suitable for both ballet class exercises as well as tap dance lessons. All songs begin with a short introduction.
Possible ballet class exercises are suggested in parenthesis after the song title and the songs are ordered on the album from slow to fast tempos.

This is one of many albums by this artist that really changed my classes from same old same old! My students show more interest, my mind has opened up to new choreography! Truly brilliant! I love it!

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Track list:

Slow swing

1. Swing Time
2. Tapping Away
3. Get Moving
4. Homage to Hines
5. I Can Do That
6. Anything Jazz

Medium swing

7. Crazy for Tap
8. Juba Jazz
9. Bouncing Bubbles
10. Swinging for Smith
11. Happy Snappy
12. To SG
13. The Brothers
14. Shall We?
15. Tap the Night Away
16. Sims City

Fast swing

17. Fred
18. Mister B
19. Bring on the Swing
20. Happy Feet
21. Song for Shirley
22. Swing It
23. Mind the Gap

Straight 8’s

24. Ginger
25. Straighten Up
26. Sammy
27. The Show Must Go On
28. Even Even
29. Mr. Robinson

Jazz waltz

30. Waltz for Sarah
31. Waltz for Brenda
32. Waltz for Melinda


33. Tango Tap
34. Tango for Three
35. Gregory’s Gigue
36. Gigue for Glover
37. Blues for Buck

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