Petit allegro 2 – Piano sheet music for ballet class – from “Music for Ballet Class, Vol.5” by Søren Bebe (PDF)

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2 pages of piano sheet music for the songs “Petit allegro 2” and “Petit allegro 2 (faster)” track #23 #24 from the album “Music for Ballet Class, Vol.5” by Søren Bebe.

A fun and jumpy polka kind of song perfect for petit allegro or warm up jumps for both beginners and advanced dancers.
Works great in many different tempos and are recorded on the album in a normal and fast version.

PDF download only (immediately after purchase and via email) – no physical books!

mp3 album, CD’s and more sheets from this album available HERE.

Also available as part of the complete Vol.5 sheet music collection (27 pieces/78 pages) HERE (save 55%)

Listen to the song below.

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Complete Sheet Music for "Music for Ballet Class, vol.5" by Søren Bebe (27 pieces/78 pages - PDF download)

27 different pieces or a total of 78 pages of original piano sheet music for a full ballet class (Barre + Center) for 2 hands with chord symbols. The music is a precise transcription of the complete album “Music for Ballet Class, vol.5" by composer and pianist Søren Bebe.

Available as immediate PDF download. (No physical printed books)

Happy that I purchased this new album!It has got lovely music as always!
It’s always a pleasure to play Bebe’s music in the Ballet Class! inspiring for the dance teachers and the students love it also ! Keep being creative Søren! thank you !

Only interested in single pieces (or the CD) - have a look HERE.

Scroll down to listen to the album and see a full overview of the pieces included in this collection.

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