Pure Piano Vol.1 – Complete Sheet Music Collection – 17 Songs / 57 Pages (PDF)


The complete sheet music collection from the album “Pure Piano Vol.1” by Søren Bebe.
An exact transcript of the entire album, 17 songs/57 pages of piano sheet music for two hands with chord symbols.

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Pure Piano Vol.1 - piano music for relaxation and stretch (CD + mp3 download)

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Pure Piano Vol.1 is a compilation album from pianist and composer Søren Bebe.
The albums consists of 17 of the most beautiful and relaxing piano songs derived from his two highly acclaimed albums with piano music for ballet class: "Music for Ballet & Contemporary Classes" and "Music for Ballet Class Vol.1"

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About the music:
“For more than 10 years I’ve been composing music for ballet classes and have released more than 10 albums with this music. An album with ballet class music contains music for a full ballet class. This means the songs will range from slow soothing songs for stretches to fiery waltzes for jumping and running.

In 2017 I decided to go through my albums and collect all the most slow, soothing and relaxing pieces and I collected them on two new albums called “Pure Piano Vol.1” and “Pure Piano Vol.2”. I did this upon several requests to create two albums that will suit the needs of a growing audience using my music for church services, meditation and stretching routines. As well as pure listening and relaxing.

At the same time I took all my more jazzy, swinging solo piano pieces and grouped together on an album called “Music for Tap Dance – Original Piano Music for All Tap Levels“. The complete sheet music for this album will be available soon.

Thank you for listening!
Søren Bebe

Since “Pure Piano Vol.1” is a compilation album and only contains songs from the albums “Music for Ballet & Contemporary Classes” and “Music for Ballet Class, Vol.1” both by Søren Bebe, this means that if you already have the complete sheet music collections for these two albums, you already have all sheet music from “Pure Piano Vol.1”


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