If you’re looking for sheet music to play in ballet class, you’ve come to the right place! For a few FREE examples visit THIS PAGE.

In my web shop you will find my four complete sheet music books with ORIGINAL music for a full ballet class, as well as more than 100 different single pieces of sheet music for ballet class.

I also make piano arrangements for ballet classes of famous pop and jazz songs, Christmas songs and other copyrighted music.
Due to copyright law I sell these arrangements over at Sheet Music Plus
But you can find links to all the songs in my web shop.

You will find sheet music for all the basic ballet exercises, including plié, tendu, jeté, fondu, rond de jambe, adagio, port de bras, grand battement, petit battement, pirouettes, jumps, relevé and allegros.

FREE Examples

In order to give you a sense of what my sheets look like and try them out on the piano, I am offering three different pieces for FREE.

Please visit THIS PAGE to see how to get the free sheet music for ballet class.