Beginner Ballet Course | 4 Week online ballet course for beginners by Alessia Lugoboni from Lazy Dancer Tips


This 4-week beginner ballet course is designed to ignite your passion, illuminate your power, and teach you all you need to know to dance ballet at home in just four weeks.

A step-by-step course you can follow at home to learn the foundations of ballet and build your strength and confidence while dancing your worries away. :o)

Tought by Alessia Lugoboni from Lazy Dancer Tips and using the music from Søren Bebe.

Includes access to a private community – a supportive group of caring fellow dancers that will cheer you on in your ballet journey.

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What’s included in the Beginner Ballet Course:

WEEK 1 – 2 / Ballet Kickstart
In the first two weeks, you’ll find an amazing new way to move your body purely for joy.
You’ll be able to perform a full ballet class and learn the terminology of every basic step without feeling overwhelmed. Full of easy to understand explanations and demonstrations… Plus tons of laughs!

WEEK 3 / Ballet Mind Opener
We open our minds to a new class and start exploring new combinations and steps, as well as musicality, while making the concepts and pointers memorable. Once learned, you’ll always remember them, instead of constantly being confused about your form while dancing.

WEEK 4 / Ballet Confidence and Speed
We’ll solidify what’s been learned by mixing practices and start building upon a growing confidence and a rediscovered strength in your body. Movement will become more clear and comfortable and you’ll finally see for yourself that, yes, you can dance.

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