“Grown-Up Christmas List” – Adagio (single mp3 download)


An arrangement for ballet class of the song “Grown-Up Christmas List”.
Can be used for adagio or similar exercise.
The form is verse – chorus – verse – chorus, each 12 bars long starting with a 2 bar intro.

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Christmas Music for Ballet Class by Søren Bebe (mp3 download)

Digital mp3 album for download.
To get the CD version go HERE
The album is contained in a zip-folder and will open on all computers and most android devices. Please notice that iPhones and iPads don't allow downloading of music outside the iTunes store without downloading to a computer first.
For more information on zip-files please do a search for "how to unzip music files" or see this tutorial from Bandcamp.

24 well known Christmas songs arranged for a full ballet class, including barre and center exercises, by pianist Søren Bebe.

Colors of the Wind (from Disney's "Pocahontas") - Adagio (mp3 single track)

"Colors of the Wind" from Disney's Pocahontas.
It's not square in it's form, meaning it doesn't keep and 8 bar phrase, but I hope you can still use it, maybe for a lyrical adagio, a choreography or for a warm up exercise.

Depending on your device the song is available upon purchase both as a regular mp3 file and a zipped mp3 file.
Need the song in other formats like wave feel free to send me an email or include a message in your order.

You can listen to my version here:



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