Jazz Songs for Ballet Class & Tap Dance (CD + mp3)


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Compact Disc (CD) in a jewel case + a digital download of the album.
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15 famous jazz songs arranged and played by Søren Bebe.
All songs on this minialbum are equally suitable for both ballet class exercises as well as tap dance lessons. All songs begin with a short introduction.
Possible ballet class exercises are suggested in parenthesis after the song title and the songs are ordered on the album from slow to fast tempos.
The digital mp3 album is contained in a zip-folder and will open on all computers and most android devices. Please notice that iPhones and iPads don’t allow downloading of music outside the iTunes store.
For more information on zip-files please do a search for “how to unzip music files” or see this tutorial from Bandcamp.

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Track list:

1 – Fly Me to the Moon – in 3/4 (plié/adagio/port de bras/stretch)
2 – What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong (adagio, plié, port de bras, stretch)
3 – Unforgettable – Nat King Cole (plié, adagio, port de bras, stretch)
4 – Someone to Watch Over Me (plié/adagio/port de bras/stretch)
5 – The Old Country – Nat Adderly (tendu)
6 – A Foggy Day – tango (fondu with port de bras)
7 – Ain’t Misbehavin’ – Fats Waller (jeté, allegros)
8 – Bye Bye Blackbird – short version (jeté)
9 – Bye Bye Blackbird – long version (jeté)
10 – Ain’t Got No/I Got Life – Nina Simone (jumps, allegros, jeté)
11 – Mack the Knife (jumps, allegros, jeté)
12 – Lullaby of Birdland (fast tendu, jeté, grand allegro)
13 – The Man I Love – Gershwin (jumps, allegros, jeté)
14 – The Lady is a Tramp – Frank Sinatra (frappé, jeté)
15 – I Got Rhythm – Gershwin (jumps, allegros, jeté)
16 – Oh, Lady be Good (really fast jeté, frappé, jumps, allegros)


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