“When I See an Elephant Fly” from Disney’s Dumbo – for Ballet & Tap (single mp3 download)


Here’s a supert fun and jazzy piano version of “When I See an Elephant Fly” from Disney’s “Dumbo” movie. You can use it for ballet classes or tap dance.

The song is also available as part of our “Famous Pop & Jazz Hits for Ballet Class” mp3 collection!
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Sheet music available HERE.

Listen below.

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Jazz & Pop Songs for Ballet Class (mp3 download)

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Interested in the physical CD go HERE

A collection of 20 well known pop and jazz songs arranged for ballet class by Søren Bebe. Including the hits "Hit the Road jack", "Hallelujah" and "Say Something/A Great Big World".

I am teaching dance to very young children and I try to introduce them to different types of music. I have mostly classical repertoire. This CD opened the whole new Universe for my little students! They actually appreciate the new rhythms. I love the idea that some songs from known children stories are included. The interpretation is very beautiful! Thank you!

Please notice this is not a complete ballet class but selected pieces for a variety of common ballet class exercises like plié, jeté, tendu, rond de jambe, grand battement, jumps and grand allegro.

Sheet music is available for all songs. Click HERE to see the complete list.

You can listen to all the songs below.

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