Shallow (Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper from “A Star Is Born”) Piano Cover for Ballet Class

shallow lady gaga piano cover
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I’ve recorded a final version of my piano ballet class cover of Lady Gaga’s monster hit “Shallow” from the movie “A Star Is Born”.

I ended up calling it “adagio” which was a common suggestion and just to keep it simple, but according to all the emails and comments on Instagram and Youtube, it can work just as fine for rond de jambe, fondu, slow tendu, plié and many more 🙂

Hope you like the final result!

Listen on YouTube!

It takes some time to produce and I have to pay to get the license rights to record these pop songs, so any support is highly appreciated!
You can buy a download for $1 here at my website and/or share the song with your friends, and in a few weeks time I will have both sheet music available plus links to Apple Music and Spotify.

Thanks for all your wonderful support and let me know what to record next!

shallow lady gaga piano cover

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