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A “New” Piano Song for Plié

One of the first songs I composed for ballet class was a waltz for plié exercise. 

I made a quick recording of it and uploaded it to my YouTube channel “Ballet Music DK by Søren Bebe“, which was quite new at that time.

Later, when I was recording my second album with music for ballet classes, “Music for Ballet Class, Vol.1“, I was in need of a waltz for pirouettes and I recalled the plié waltz I had composed earlier. I speeded it up and found that it worked brilliantly for the pirouette steps in this faster tempo and with a more “jazz waltz” feel to it.

But the original version stayed on YouTube. You can hear it below. 

Over the years I have gotten quite a few emails and comments about this “plié” that nobody could find anywhere outside of YouTube. So a couple of months ago when I received yet another email asking about the plié and where to find the sheet music, I decided to do a new recording of it and also create a piano score to go along.


The song has been included on my new album “Piano Music for Ballet & Choreography”!

To get more info and links for all streaming services, CDs and sheet music click below.

Piano Music for Ballet & Choreography

To celebrate I’m offering a FREE download of both the mp3 and the sheet music for a limited time! (no email needed)

To get the free sheet music CLICK HERE and to get the free mp3 download CLICK HERE.

12 thoughts on “A “New” Piano Song for Plié”

  1. Thank you.
    I was looking for just this type of piece in which to add to my small collection that I am using to learn to play the piano. It’s beautiful and elegant.

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