plié by Soren Bebe

A “New” Piano Song for Plié

One of the first songs I composed for ballet class was a waltz for plié exercise. 

I made a quick recording of it and uploaded it to my YouTube channel “Ballet Music DK by Søren Bebe“, which was quite new at that time.

Later, when I was recording my second album with music for ballet classes, “Music for Ballet Class, Vol.1“, I was in need of a waltz for pirouettes and I recalled the plié waltz I had composed earlier. I speeded it up and found that it worked brilliantly for the pirouette steps in this faster tempo and with a more “jazz waltz” feel to it.

But the original version stayed on YouTube. You can hear it below. 

Over the years I have gotten quite a few emails and comments about this “plié” that nobody could find anywhere outside of YouTube. So a couple of months ago when I received yet another email asking about the plié and where to find the sheet music, I decided to do a new recording of it and also create a piano score to go along.

So here it is – out today on ALL major streaming platforms like SPOTIFY and APPLE MUSIC/iTUNES and as SHEET MUSIC and MP3 Download in my shop.

To celebrate I’m offering a FREE download of both the mp3 and the sheet music for a limited time! (no email needed)

To get the free sheet music CLICK HERE and to get the free mp3 download CLICK HERE.

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11 thoughts on “A “New” Piano Song for Plié”

  1. Thank you.
    I was looking for just this type of piece in which to add to my small collection that I am using to learn to play the piano. It’s beautiful and elegant.

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