music for ballet class vol.6 album cover by soren bebe

A new album for ballet class in the making!

Hello from Denmark!

First off, thank you so much for your awesome feedback on my new album cover! It was truly helpful and as you can see I’ve implemented some of the edits you suggested. 😊

So here’s the final version!  Hope you like it… there’s no going back now…. 😄

I’ll release the album gradually as I finish the different “parts”, and I’m so happy to say, that today I have uploaded the DIGITAL ALBUM VERSION (mp3) to my homepage!

From today and until the official release date (April 2) there’s a 25% pre-release discount available – no coupon needed.

It’s also possible to stream the album on the mp3 page if you’re curious to hear what I’ve come up with this time 😊

Some of the music is a little more to the “classical” side than usual. For the first time I have tried composing a Polonaise and I also had a lot of fun with a really quick classical styled 6/8 for small jumps!

Click HERE to visit my website and check out Music for Ballet Class, Vol.6!

I just sent the final album to the CD manufactor since I know a few of you still prefer a physical CD.
I also sent it to my digital distributor yesterday, so if everything goes after the plan, it will be out on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and the rest of the streaming/download world on Friday, April 2nd!

I also want you to know, that I’m working night and day to get the sheet music finished. You can see my tired face below 😄

Hope you’ll enjoy this album as much as I’ve enjoyed creating this music!

All the best from Denmark,

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  1. Thank you so much for publishing and composing this music! I just started at Ballet Academy East in Manhattan and had a really scary moment when I couldn’t find a Polonaise in my huge collection! Thank goodness they are giving me another chance. I found your beautiful website and really enjoy what I’ve heard so far. I am downloading volume 6 today and will give it a test run tomorrow in 5 classes!

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