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My first album with Music for Ballet Pointe Class!

Hello dancers and dance instructors!

I’m SO happy to finally announce, that my new album “Music for Ballet Pointe Class (All Levels)” is coming out soon!

In fact, it’s already live on my YouTube channel AND available here on my site as mp3 download, CD and SHEET MUSIC (And with lots of Early-Bird bonuses and discounts to those who act fast and purchases the album before January 28!)

Click HERE to see all versions and links to YouTube, Spotify and more!

All us Apple Music and Spotify listeners will have to wait a little more, as the final release date is set to JANUARY 28, but please go ahead already now, and PRE-SAVE the album by clicking HERE!


A special THANK YOU to Ashley Groth, who has been my ballet instructor and supervisor on this album and has offered invaluable help and insights about pointe music and pointe classes – I wouldn’t have been able to make this album without her! – THANK YOU, Ashley! 🙏

Also a huge THANK YOU to YOU for listening and using my music! ♥️

Hope this new music will bring you lots of great ballet moments and help you on your dance journey – with or without pointe shoes! 😄

Lots of musically greetings from Denmark!

Music for Ballet Pointe Class (All Levels)

Composed and played by Søren Bebe
Class created by Ashley Groth

Album track list:


01 Articulation: Prances and Doming
02 Plié
03 Tendu & Dégagé (Battement jeté)
04 Relevé/Elevé 1
05 Relevé/Elevé 2 (Tango)
06 Sous-sus (5th Position relevé, Springs)
07 Échappé 1 (Tango)
08 Échappé 1 (Faster)
09 Pas de bourrée
10 Retiré/Passé 1
11 Retiré/Passé 2
12 Fondu/Rond de jambe
13 Piqué
14 Ballonné/Rond de jambe en l’air
15 Petit battement/Bourrée
16 Petit battement/Bourrée (Faster)
17 Développé
18 Grand battement (Polonaise)
19 Preparation for hops (Sautés en pointe preparation)

20 Adagio
21 Tendu/Soutenu
22 Échappé 2
23 Échappé 2 (Faster)
24 Petit allegro 1 (Sous-sus/Changement)
25 Petit allegro 2 (Petit jeté/Emboîté/Assemblé)
26 Medium allegro (Ballonné)
27 Walks en pointe (Pas marché)
28 Bourrée (Pas de bourrée suivi/couru)
29 Pirouette preparation
30 Pirouettes 1 (Tango)
31 Pirouettes 2 (Waltz)
32 En diagonale 1 (Piqué & Développé)
33 En diagonale 2 (Chaînés & Piqué/Emboîté en tournant)
34 Hops en pointe 1 (Ballonné relevé)
35 Hops en pointe 2 (Sautés en pointe)
36 Coda 1
37 Coda 2
38 Reverence

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